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    Upgraded to MacOS Sierra, cannot share databases in FMPro 9.02

    Hi all! We just upgraded all our Macs to macOS Sierra 10.12.X. We are using FileMaker Pro 9.0 v3.

    FM works great on the new OS, but enabling sharing via FMNET of a file on a remote drive no longer does. We get the message:

    "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer."

    We have several databases that use a Master Names and Addresses database. This master database is located on our server, and needs to be shared and shareable. Unfortunately, anytime we attempt to open a file over the network with sharing we get the above error message.

    • NO other files are open; no other copies of FMPro are running or sharing;
    • NO firewalls are turned on;
    • Opening and sharing REMOTE databases in FMPro 9 DOES NOT work in macOS Sierra 10.12.x;
    • Opening and sharing REMOTE databases in FMPro 9 DOES work on older Mac OSX 10.8 through 10.5;
    • Opening and sharing LOCAL databases in FMPro 9 DOES work in macOS Sierra 10.12.x;
    • Sharing worked on same computers with same server volume and configuration before the upgrade.

    Our current workaround was to relocate the master database to a Mac with an older OS, open the file and share it. This way, we can open the master database remotely and work.

    However, this is unsatisfactory, since it depends on the file remaining open and shared, and ultimately does NOT solve the problem.

    I have done many searches (including in this forum) and found that this is a problem with later versions of FMPro as well. Some implicate processes that usurp port 5003, but I've checked, and there's nothing using that port. Others maintain disabling IPV6 helps; it did not. I also tried trashing preferences & restarting, to no avail.

    I'm beginning to wonder if this may be due to possible deprecation of the TCP/IP protocol in favor of SMB? I know this sounds more like a Macintosh question, but this is also a matter of FMPro sharing functionality.

    Any help, wisdom, advice? THANKS in advance! —MM

    ADDENDUM: This was a major upgrade for us, from mid-2006 Intel Mac Minis running OS X 10.6.8 to mid-2010 Mac Minis running macOS Sierra 10.12.X. Fortunately, most of our software survived intact, and as we're a tiny weekly newspaper with almost no budget for brand-new upgrades, we're hoping to keep FMPro 9 working as well.
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